Salcombe Dairy isn't just for summer - it's for Christmas too

Although Salcombe Dairy is known for being the best remedy to cool you down on a hot summer's day, they have also created a range of Christmas flavours, including Christmas Pudding ice cream. Shaped like a traditional pudding, it comes with an indulgent brandy butter ice cream topping and is a great way to finish off a Christmas meal.

Made using fresh full cream milk and double cream, delivered every morning straight from a local farm a stone's throw away, the milk and cream is combined with brandy, dried fruits and mixed spices. Full of flavour, it is best enjoyed either as a dessert on its own, or as an accompaniment to your warm festive mince pies and seasonal chocolate Yule log.

Cinnamon is synonymous with Christmas and Salcombe Dairy's Cinnamon ice cream does not disappoint. Made by adding cinnamon to their Devonshire Cream ice cream, this is perfect as an accompaniment to any apple based dessert.

For those who like a lighter treat after a large Christmas dinner, Salcombe Dairy's Champagne Sorbet is sure to add a special sparkle to the end of a meal, and is perfect during New Years celebrations. Made using only the best ingredients, this sorbet is suitable for vegans. Salcombe Dairy's Champagne Sorbet is only available to pre-order.

Alongside the Christmas Pudding, Cinnamon ice cream and Champagne Sorbet, Salcombe Dairy also has five further festive favourites, including Brandy Butter, Irish Cream, Chocolate Orange, Peppermint Chocolate Flake, and an indulgently rich Chocolate Sorbet. All of which make a fantastic addition to any festive celebration. All of these flavours are available to purchase direct from Salcombe Dairy and local independent retailers, list price £11.50 for a 2ltr tub.

Salcombe Dairy, established in 1981, uses only the finest ingredients and sources local products where possible. Making ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurt, all of their products are free from gluten, egg, artificial colours and flavourings; they also have a vegan suitable sorbet range, including a decadent chocolate sorbet.