An unusual pairing in Somerset

Brown Cow Organics has launched a range of fresh fish on their website; locally sourced from the South Coast, the fish is fully traceable from the moment it is caught, to its arrival in your kitchen.

Some may think fish is an unusual departure for a Guernsey organic dairy and organic beef producer in Somerset -until you think of 'Surf and Turf' – though the fish/beef pairing is not the only reason for Brown Cow Organics to introduce fish to its range.

Shared Ethos

Partnering with an MSC accredited fish supplier in a prime coastal location who source, prepare and deliver fresh fish directly to professional kitchens -their fresh fish -usually only available to restaurants -can now be bought directly from Brown Cow Organics for delivery to your door.

So though the fish and beef food pairing does make sense; the partnering is as much about the shared locally sourced, traceability and sustainability ethos of both companies.

Locally sourced with boat to kitchen traceability

Brown Cow Organics fish partner works with day boat suppliers around the south west coast, to supply a fantastic selection of fresh fish from local waters.  Being first hand buyers at the main south west coastal fish auctions it enables full traceability from the vessel through to the delivery to your kitchen; local sourcing means the freshest possible fish is available daily. This dovetails perfectly with the soil to plate provenance and traceability of Brown Cow Organics organic yoghurt and organic beef; in the fish case it's a sea to plate provenance!


Sourcing fish responsibly is paramount to the fish company's' business - and equally as important to Brown Cow Organics - they passionately believe in promoting the most sustainable products available and have links with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as MSC to develop and market sustainable alternatives.

“We wanted to add some variety to our food range and felt that fish was the perfect fit, but it was important to me that we worked with a company with the same values as us and that the fish had excellent provenance and was responsibly sourced” said Judith Freane Brown Cow Organics Owner

How to buy

You can buy from the new range of fish at the Brown Cow Organics website where you can also purchase from their extensive range of multi award winning organic beef and organic yoghurt, including River Cottage yoghurt produced for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, by Brown Cow Organics.